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Without a Tent”

I am interested in the way we visually perceive that male body. Our interactions with it on a daily basis are often through images and commercials of muscular athletic men, but I have to question why this is. I have used a model of an “average” male to question why we only see idealized forms of men in media.

My work is based around the photograph. It is used to capture a moment often to portray a perspective. With this perspective, a photograph can transform into an identity.  As a photographer, light is used to draw forms. I am drawn to the studio and the manipulation of light to accentuate and sculpt forms against the black background and create a contrast of the two. I often have looked at John Coplans and his aesthetic of the human form to gather my own work. 

The media we see today of men is often of strong physique. I want to elicit a memory when viewing the image of men with the images of the average male. By taking the photographs of the male and creating a body of images that rise to become something more than just average, they, too, become idealized.

My work is meant to question the use of the physically adept in media, and create a conversation about the male form that is more “average” while not just consuming media of the idealized male form. It is through this conversation and questioning what images we consume, that the average male form will be made equal.

The process of making the images coincided with the process of trying to make my body look more “Idealized”.

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